EMI RFI Shielding Gaskets

Custom Gasket Mfg. is a leading supplier of high-quality EMI RFI shielding gaskets and electrically conductive gaskets and seals.

Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications. Our main objective is to continuously exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with high-performance gaskets and sealing products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service. Custom Gasket Mfg. is committed to consistently meet all of your blueprint specifications and tolerance requirements.

EMI RFI shielding gasketsCustom Gasket Mfg. specializes in precision EMI RFI shielding gaskets and conductive gaskets and seals for applications and industries worldwide. Custom Gasket’s technically-oriented professionals have extensive knowledge of EMI RFI shielding and conductive materials and can assist you with your material selection. Custom Gasket Mfg. takes pride in its ability to consistently produce precision EMI RFI shielding gaskets guaranteed to meet your specifications and function perfectly within your application.

It is important to shield, modern electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) emitted by electrical circuits. This interference can corrupt performance, but can easily be eliminated by using a gasket made of conductive or absorbing material. Electronic devices must also shield themselves from outside interference, which can be accomplished through the proper use of an EMI RFI conducting gasket. Custom Gasket Mfg. works directly from your blueprints in order to provide a quality shield in the form of an EMI RFI or conductive gasket.

Custom Gasket Mfg. uses special materials that either conduct or shield electricity while still providing a sealing barrier. This will ensure that your gasket will meet and exceed your expectations. There are many types of conductive materials to choose, including both rubber and foam, which have all the normal sealing properties of traditional gasket materials. Most rubber EMI materials are a multi-material compound consisting of both rubber and conductive filler. When blended properly, these two materials provide both an excellent electric and environmental seal. These rubber EMI materials also provide more conductivity and corrosion resistance options because you can choose which filler material to use for your unique application.

Rather than conduct electricity, some materials absorb EMI. These materials convert the electricity they absorb into heat and dissipate it in a controlled manner, instead of absorbing the EMI completely and grounding.

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Conductive Silicone EMI Gaskets (Conductive Particle Filled Gaskets)

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides its conductive silicone EMI gaskets from silicone rubber or fluorosilicone rubber embedded with silver-plated aluminum, silver-plated glass, silver-plated nickel, silver-plated copper particles, nickel-graphite particles or conductive carbon. The incorporation of silicone with metallic, conductive microscopic particles creates a compound capable of providing high electrical conductivity, broadband shielding, and moisture sealing. We manufacture electrically conductive gaskets that provide sealing solutions for critical applications. These materials provide protection from the environment, electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge, and radio frequencies. We utilize rubber/metal hybrid compounds for your applications in the aerospace, semiconductor, and medical device industries.

Conductive Products

  • Molded and Die Cut Gaskets
  • Extrusion – Round
  • Extrusion “D”- Shaped
  • Molded Rectangular with “D” cross section
  • Flat Washers
  • D-rings
  • Custom Molded Seals & Shapes
  • Extrusion – Rectangular
  • Extrusion – “P”- Shaped
  • Molded Rectangular with “O” cross section
  • Waveguide Gaskets
  • Connector Gaskets

Wire Mesh Conductive Gaskets (Silicone Rubber)

Wire mesh conductive gaskets are dual purpose composite EMI shields and a pressure seal in thin sheet form. The EMI shielding is provided by woven aluminum mesh, impregnated in the mesh is neoprene or silicone rubber. These gasket materials are intended for use in applications where space is limited or joint unevenness is less than 0.002” in (0.05 mm). The silicone or neoprene elastomer performs under pressure by protruding through the mesh to give sealing protection. The material can be cut easily into gaskets of any shape and size with a minimum nominal thickness of 0.016” in (0.40 mm). These gaskets tend to be less costly than conductive silicone materials making them a great choice for lower cost effective EMI/RFI shielding and environmental protection.

Conductive Foam EMI Gaskets

Conductive foam EMI gaskets consist of a polyester textile yarn uniformly plated that provides X, Y, and Z axis conductivity. They are easily compressed, have excellent mechanical wear properties, have very high shielding performance (60 – 100dB), have high level of flame resistance (UL94-V0, HB certified & RoHs compliant), are easily mounted using pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and are able to operate at higher frequencies due to no gaps in their construction. Custom Gasket Mfg. is a recognized leading manufacturer of conductive rubber and foam products. Below is a list of conductive wrapping materials available to suit your requirements:

  • Nickel/Copper/Nickel plated – Excellent shielding effectiveness and anti-tarnish
  • Carbon/Nickel/Copper/Nickel plated – Provides good levels of waterproofing
  • Gold plated – Excellent conductive and premium shielding performance levels
  • Aluminum Foil – Low cost alternative with good thermal dissipation properties

SOFT-SHIELD® Foam Based Gaskets

Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD® EMI gaskets are available in a assortment of materials to meet specific applications; including conductive yarn over foam, knitted wire over foam, foil/fabric and conductive fabric over foam, and high-performance fabric-wrapped foam. SOFT-SHIELD 4800 represents Chomerics latest innovation in soft foam based EMI shielding technology. The unique integration of electrically conductive fibers into low density foam provides the basis for a performance driven, cost effective EMI shielding solution. Through the optimization of conductive fiber construction, loading and dispersion within the foam matrix, it provides superb Z axis conductivity with extremely short ground paths. SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 gaskets are RoHS compliant. Typical applications for SOFT SHEILD® include: card cage shields, I/O panel connector gaskets, conductive backplane gaskets, navigation systems, entertainment systems, CD/receiver head units, roadside assistance systems, satellite radio receivers and access panels along with rectangular/square strip gasket seals.

SOFT-SHIELD® Foam-Based Materials

  • SOFT-SHIELD® 5000 Series-Conductive Fabric over Foam
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 4850 UL 94V-0 Rated Multi-planar EMI Gaskets
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 Multi-planar EMI Gaskets
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 4000 Series-Reinforced Foil over Foam
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 3700 High Temperature Conductive Fabric Over Foam
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 Conductive Fabric Over Foam Gaskets
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 2000 Series-Conductive Yarn over Foam
  • SOFT-SHIELD® 1000 Series-Knitted Wire over Foam

Please visit our gasket materials page for more information on our extensive selection of materials. EMI RFI materials are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

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