Laser Cutting

Custom Gasket Mfg. is a leading provider of precision laser cutting services for a wide range of industries and applications.

Laser cutting utilizes a high-powered laser to accurately cut out shapes on sheets from a broad range of materials.

Custom Gasket Mfg. specializes in laser cut gaskets and sealing products from a wide variety of non-metallic materials including; rubber, plastic, electrical insulation, cork, felt, foam, compressed fiber, laminates, paper, etc, in thicknesses from .005” to .375”.  Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built in our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications. Custom Gasket Mfg. is committed to consistently providing high-quality precision laser cut gaskets and sealing products to meet all of your blueprint and tolerance specifications.


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Laser Cutting Process

Laser cutting utilizes a high-powered laser to cut out shapes on sheets of material.  A computer-aided design (CAD) program moves the laser on a path to cut out the desired shape.  This method is used for materials that are harder to cut using traditional die cutting methods.  The cut provided by the laser is cleaner and more precise, allowing for tighter tolerances on your gasket.

Unlike die cutting which requires time and a tooling expense, a laser cutter works directly from a CAD file, such as a .DXF, and is able to quickly and precisely cut out shapes with an accuracy of +/- .002” even for the most intricate and complex geometries.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Clean and precise cuts with high tolerances
  • No tooling costs
  • No compression distortion
  • Quick turn-around of parts
  • Nested cutting arrangements for better material yield
  • Prototyping different materials, sizes and patterns

Please visit our gasket materials page for more information on our extensive selection of materials. Most materials are available with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

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