Die Cut Felt Products

Custom Gasket Mfg. is a leading supplier of high-quality custom felt products.

Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications. Our main objective is to continuously exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with high-performance gaskets and sealing products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service. Custom Gasket Mfg. is committed to consistently meet all of your blueprint specifications and tolerance requirements.

Custom Gasket Mfg. specializes in precision die cut felt products. The most common felt products we supply include: felt gaskets, seals, washers, spacers, stripping, discs, anti-vibration and anti-squeak pads, bumpers, bushings, noise reduction linings, vibration mounts, shock dampeners, heat barriers, wipers, oil and grease retainers, dust and fuel oil filters, sound deadening, padding, insulation, plugs, light seals, lamp bases, lubrication wicking, dust shields and filters. Felt is matted wool which is subjected to moisture, heat and pressure. Wool is a versatile material, enabling it the unique ability to cushion, retain its resilience under pressure and seal out dust and lubricants. Felt is easy to die cut into any shape. In addition to our die cutting services, we are able to kiss-cut, score, fold and bend any grade of felt. Custom Gasket Mfg. felt gasket material is available in a wide range of thicknesses, colors, styles and densities. The standard thickness of felt ranges from .015″ to 1.000″, in increments of .031″.

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides full production capabilities from prototype and short run quantities through large production runs. Custom Gasket Mfg. provides mildew resistant felt for outdoor or fluid applications. Felt is available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing. All adhesive-backed felt products come with an easy to remove peel-off-liner.

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Custom Die Cut Felt Products

Felt Materials

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides a wide selection of felt gasket materials. We fabricate custom die cut and laser cut products from the following felt materials listed below.

  • Orthopedic Felt
  • Acoustic Grade
  • Felt Wicking
  • Felt Stripping
  • 100% Pure Felt
  • Decorative Felt
  • Technical Felt

Die Cut Pressed Wool Industrial Felt Products

Die cut pressed felt products

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides all pressed felt products with high-quality wool fiber. Pressed felt is made by using high-quality wool fiber that is mechanically pressed into a specific density and thickness using heat, moisture and pressure. It is made with multiple layers of material and has excellent solvent resistance and stability in oil. Wool felt has excellent wicking properties and can absorb several times its weight in oil. It is often used as a lubrication wick and supplies small amounts of oil at a uniform rate. Pressed wool felt has excellent solvent resistance and oil stability.

Pressed wool felt is identified by the S.A.E. standards F-1 through F-55. Custom Gasket’s variety of S.A.E. felt parts are manufactured to the required engineering specification. Lower number S.A.E. felts (F-1, F-2, etc) are more machine-able, better in vibration absorbing and have better abrasion resistance. S.A.E. wool felt is unaffected by sunlight and maintains its original form after prolonged periods of stress. All of our S.A.E. felts are ROHS compliant and can be certified to automotive specification FMS-302 (fire resistant). F-1 thru F-55 felt is available in various thicknesses, wool content, and densities. Wool or a blend of wool and synthetic fibers are mixed, carded and then steamed and felted.

S.A.E. Specification Pressed Wool Felt Products

The manufacturing of pressed wool felt is mandated by S.A.E. standards. To reference felt specifications, please view our S.A.E. Specification Descriptions Section below. These standards determine the wool content, density, and other physical and mechanical properties of the felt.

S.A.E. Specification Descriptions

S.A.E. F-1 (16R1) Color: White – Density: Hard
This is ideal for oil retention where the felt is not being compressed. Also suitable for feeding low viscosity or light oil and where unusual strength and hardness are required. This grade is an excellent material for wiping sheet metal and tube cleaning applications. It also has a high resistance to abrasion which makes it ideal for polishing and finishing hard surfaces. Typical uses include washers, bushings, wicks, door bumpers, polishing blocks, and parts in which wear resistance to abrasion are required.

S.A.E. F-2 (16R2): Colors: Pink, Black, Brown – Density: High to Medium
This is a high-grade felt of slightly less density and durability than S.A.E. F-1. It is recommended for vibration mountings and the same general purposes as F-1 but where a felt of slightly lower quality is adequate.

S.A.E. F-3 (16R3): Color: Grey – Density: High to Medium
This is a high-grade felt of slightly less density and durability than S.A.E. F-1. It is recommended for precision uses such as: vibration mounts, precision lubrication wicking, oil seals, bumpers, gaskets, automobile, aircraft, and machinery components.

S.A.E. F-5 (12R1): Color: White – Density: High to Medium
This is a high-to-medium grade felt. It is recommended for precision uses where resiliency and durability are important factors. These felts are commonly used for grease retainers, lubrication wicks, grease seals, wipers, shock dampers, spacer strip seals, weather stripping, dust shields, and noise reduction linings.

S.A.E. F-6 (12R2) & S.A.E. F-7 (12R3): Color: Grey – Density: Medium
This felt is similar to S.A.E. F-5 and recommended for similar applications, but where slightly less durable material is permissible. These felts are commonly used for grease retainers, anti-squeak strips, anti-vibration pads, gaskets, grommets, journal lubricators, shock pads, oil retention pads, vibration/noise dampeners, wicks and wipers, spacer strip seals, weather stripping, dust shields, and noise reduction linings.

S.A.E. F-10 (9R1): Color: White – Density: Medium to Low
This felt is similar to S.A.E. F-5 in quality, but recommended for uses where abrasion and wear are not important factors. These felts are often used for grease and oil retention, fluid storage and delivery, dust shields operating under less severe conditions, as well as for plug filters for gas and air.

S.A.E. F-11 (9R2) & S.A.E. F-12 (9R3): Color: Grey – Density: Medium to Low
This felt is recommended for grease and oil retention where the felt is confined and compressed in assembly. It is also recommended for dust shields under less severe operating conditions where F-5, F-6 & F-7 are not required.

S.A.E. F-13 (9R4) & S.A.E. F-15 (9R5): Color: Grey – Density: Low
These are low density felts with a wide range of uses where resistance to abrasion, durability, and wear are not important factors. Typical uses include: spacing strips, sound deadening, chassis strips, spacers, dust shields, pedal pads, dash liners, fuel oil filters, anti-rattle applications and grease and oil retention.

S.A.E. F-26 (8R5) Color: Grey – Density: Low
This felt is suitable for packing and padding when held in place between other materials. This grade should not be used for mechanical purposes. It is used for insulating seals, packings, gaskets and bushings.

S.A.E. F-50 (16R1X) Color: White – Density: High Grade
This is a high-grade, high-density felt similar to S.A.E. F-1. The difference is that it is produced in thicknesses below 1/8″. This felt is recommended for mechanical applications where an accurate, thin, smooth, high-grade felt is required. Typical uses include ball and roller bearing oil-retaining washers and small, dust-excluding washers.

S.A.E. F-51 (16R3X) Color: Grey – Density: High
This is a high-grade, high-density felt similar to S.A.E. F-3, but produced in thicknesses below 1/8″. It is recommended for the same general uses as F-50, but in installations where tolerances and length of life are not as important. It is typically found in thin cut parts such as gaskets, spacers and liners.

S.A.E. F-55 (12R3X) Color: Black – Density: Medium to Low
This is a medium-to-low density felt similar to S.A.E. F-7, but made in thicknesses below 1/8″. This felt is recommended for uses where thin felt is needed and high durability is not required, such as anti-squeak strips, anti-rattle strips, washers, and rectangles.

Die Cut Polyester Felt Products

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides die cut products using Polyester felt. Polyester felt is a general purpose synthetic felt made in various densities and thicknesses. It is often made in a comparable density and thickness to S.A.E. pressed wool felt differing in that it is made from polyester fibers. The material is normally supplied either black or white. It is a general purpose felt that is made in various densities with thicknesses ranging from .019″ to 2″. The maximum temperature of polyester felt is 300°F, compared to 200°F for S.A.E. pressed felts. This material is commonly used for filtration applications, gaskets, wipers, and padding in a wide variety of industries.

Die Cut Woven Felt Products

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides die cut products using woven felt. Woven wool felts are generally the better product choice for flexibility with density. This is due to its consistency of thickness. Woven felt is available in numerous types and grades for your specific applications. Colors are either black or off-white. Woven applications include: weather stripping, gaskets, seals, washers, dust shields, sound reduction, space pads, plugs, bearing seals, shock dampeners, discs, appliance and automotive.

Die Cut Pure Felt Products (Custom Colors)

Pure Felt Colors

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides die cut products using Naturally Pressed 100% Pure Wool Felt.

  • 60″ wide x 1/8″ thick
  • Medium density – 24oz/sq yd

Pure Felt Colors:

  • Cardinal Red
  • Denim Blue
  • Marigold Northwood
  • Fern Green
  • Brown Camel
  • and more…

Compliance with ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers)

For more information on S.A.E. felts as it relates to weight and density please click here to see our chart. Please visit our gasket materials page for more information on our extensive selection of materials.

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