Polyurethane Gaskets Polyester urethane / Polyether urethane (AU/EU)

Custom Gasket Mfg. is a leading supplier of high-quality polyurethane gaskets, seals, and custom polyurethane products.

Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications. Our main objective is to continuously exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with high-performance gaskets and sealing products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service. Custom Gasket Mfg. is committed to consistently meet all of your blueprint specifications and tolerance requirements.

Custom Gasket Mfg. specializes in precision die cut and molded polyurethane gaskets and seals for applications and industries worldwide. Polyurethane is the toughest and most abrasion-resistant of all elastomeric materials. Polyurethane is a unique versatile material that provides the elasticity of rubber paired with the durability and strength of metal. Polyurethane consistently outperforms plastic, rubber and steel in its capacity to resist harsh environmental factors such as abrasion, heat, oil, acid, solvents and many chemicals. Polyurethane performs extremely well for hardness, tensile strength, compression strength, impact resistance, tear strength, and elastic memory. Polyurethane also has excellent resistance to cracking when under repeated flexure. The diverse properties of polyurethane make it an ideal choice for engineers searching for long-term materials for high load and high stress applications. Polyurethane functions well in temperatures ranging from -60°F to +180°F.

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Custom Die Cut Polyurethane Gaskets

Die Cut Polyurethane Gaskets

Custom Gasket Mfg. provides die cut polyurethane gaskets in a wide variety of thicknesses, colors and hardness. The standard thickness of polyurethane ranges from .005″ to 3/8″ thick. Polyurethane’s hardness typically spans from 60 to 90 durometer, Shore A. Die cut polyurethane gaskets are offered in standard colors of natural (amber) and black. We also provide custom thicknesses, colors, and durometers from 20A to 70D which are available upon request. Custom Gasket Mfg. offers FDA approved polyurethane gaskets for food applications. Polyurethane gaskets are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

Molded Polyurethane Gaskets

Custom Molded Polyurethane Gaskets

Custom Gasket Mfg. specializes in molded polyurethane gaskets and seals. We typically use the compression molding process to manufacture custom polyurethane products. Polyurethane (AU / EU) compounds are available from 30 to 90 durometer, Shore A. Polyurethane are most commonly amber (natural) or black in color, however custom color compounding is available upon request. Polyurethane molding tolerances are compliant with rubber molding industry standard RMA A2 Precision tolerances.

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