How To Get the Right Waterjet Cut Gaskets

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The role of gaskets in industrial applications cannot be overstated, as they seal two or more surfaces to prevent fluid or gas leaks. While there are various methods for manufacturing gaskets, waterjet cutting became popular due to its primary benefits. Its precision ensures that the gasket’s shape and size are accurate, while its versatility allows for the production of custom designs.

Not all gaskets are made the same, and choosing the right one necessitates careful consideration of several factors. In this article, we will explore the important elements to consider when selecting waterjet cut gaskets to help you find the best components.

Factors To Consider During Gasket Selection

It is critical to consider several factors during the selection process to ensure you acquire the suitable waterjet cut gasket. Overlooking the following may result in gaskets that are either inefficient or inconvenient and, therefore, not ideal for your needs:

Material Compatibility

Not all materials are compatible with all fluids or gases, and choosing an incompatible one can result in leakage or pose safety hazards. For example, some liquids or gases are highly corrosive and can damage or degrade certain gasket materials over time. In addition to chemical compatibility, it is also essential to consider the temperature and pressure conditions the gasket will be exposed to.

It is best to consult with experts in gasket manufacturing or speak to the manufacturer to ensure material compatibility. Doing so lets you obtain the necessary information to choose the right gasket material and avoid costly downtime or repairs.

Gasket Thickness

The gasket thickness is critical in ensuring proper sealing between the two surfaces. Therefore, it must be selected based on the pressure and temperature conditions to which it will be exposed. A too-thin gasket may not provide the necessary sealing properties, resulting in leaks. Conversely, an extremely thick waterjet cut gasket may not be able to accommodate the pressure and temperature changes, leading to extrusion or deformation.

The relationship between gasket thickness and bolt load is also a crucial consideration. An incorrect bolt load can lead to insufficient or excessive compression, resulting in gasket failure. Similarly, an excessive bolt load can cause bolt fatigue, leading to a weakened joint.

Size and Shape of the Gasket

The gasket’s size and shape must match the sealing surfaces’ geometry to guarantee adequate sealing. Gaskets that are too small or have irregular geometries may not offer sufficient sealing, resulting in leakage. On the other hand, too-large gaskets can be difficult to install and may necessitate further modifications to fit properly.

Level of Precision Required

Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure water stream mixed with an abrasive material to cut through the gasket material. This process allows for the precision cutting of complex shapes and sizes that may be impossible with other cutting methods. Furthermore, the type of material utilized may be influenced by the precision required. Some materials may be more difficult to cut with waterjet cutting, limiting the degree of accuracy possible.

Production Volume

The production volume refers to the number of gaskets that need to be manufactured to meet the demand of the application. If a large production volume is required, choosing a manufacturing method that can efficiently produce a large number of gaskets is important. For example, waterjet cutting can be a cost-effective and efficient method for producing high-capacity gaskets.

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